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Women Face Slimming Straps V-Line Facial lift Bandage

by eprolo
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Breathable Face slimming Strap for Woman Facial Slimming Tool Physical V-Line Lifting Band for Man Sculpt Bandage Modeling Strap Fixed Belt


FL-P3 comes with very high quality, breathable, skin friendly, durability, stretchable one size is suitable for almost the sizes of head. 

Easy to use: wear for 0.5-2 hours when Work watching TV and doing housework, etc.

Physical face-lift to improve a double chin, prevent the cheeks sagging and face slimming, insist on using more than three months is more effective.

It is also used for Recovery after surgery,Beauty sculpt,Modeling and Fixed



FL-P3 More breathable,can use when sleeping, More stretchable, suitable for big size of heads.


* Do not miss it if you have requirments with sculpture,carve and model your facial,slimming face,V-Line lifting and thin neck&chin. *It will make you look more sexy and beautiful. 

* Condition : 100% Brand New and high quality. 

* Material: LYCRA , The fabric is very stressful and elastic, not so easy to loosen. 

***** How to use:

1.Wash the Belt before first use,

2.Clean your face skin,

3. Wear it and take off 0.5-2 hours later. (Skin may be in a sweat with warm)








Let's see what will happen if use with this product,

It is real and visible.





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