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All-In-One Machine For Hair Removal Skin

by eprolo
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Product Description

Product Parameters

Product Name: LCD Laser Hair Removal Device

Product material: ABS

Hair removal times: 600,000 times       Product power: 36W        Product gear: 8 gears

Light outlet area: 3cm²                         Lamp type: Quartz

Voltage: AC110~240V                         Working temperature: 5~30℃          Power supply mode: AC (plug-in use)

Product size: 14.3*8.4*4.8cm

Package size/weight: 16.8*13.8*9cm, 0.5kg

Packing size: 47*35*42.5cm, 30pcs, 16kg

Product Features

1. The large-screen digital display parameters include the remaining number of hairs, the gear symbol, and the light output mode (automatic or manual) function (HR hair removal mode or SR skin rejuvenation mode) at a glance.

2. Eight-level energy support: Different groups of people have different feelings about heat sensation. Eight-level energy, the changes are more subtle and easier to grasp.

3. Portable permanent hair removal: At the same time, it is equipped with 600,000 replaceable lamp heads, the size of a mobile phone, which is easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

4. Long service life: The depilatory quartz lamp tube has a longer service life and is durable.

5. Safe: No effect on normal sweat and sebum secretion.

Product List: Adapter+Machine+Manual


1. Plug in the power supply first, turn on the power supply, the screen will light up at this time, select the appropriate gear, the indicator light will be always on.

2. The laser head is vertically close to the skin at 90°, and the light-emitting button is pressed. You can choose manual flash, or automatic continuous flash mode.

3. Short press the power button to adjust the intensity, a total of 1-8 gears, the first use to gradually increase from the first gear to the appropriate gear.

4. It can be used together with cold gel. After use, be sure to moisturize the skin and sunscreen.

5. Generally say goodbye to hair in 8-12 weeks. It is recommended to use 3 times a week for the first week and 2 times a week for the 4th to 8th weeks. The frequency of use can vary according to different individual situations. When the hair is only some fine or stops growing, use at least 1 per month. times to keep.