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Sleeping Face-Lift Mask Massage Slimming Shaper Anti Wrinkle

by eprolo
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Instructions for use:

When worn, from head to chin wrap, full shape of the charming little face.

Pierced ears humanized design with soft adjustable buckle, convenient and comfortable to wear.

Chin part is low elastic artificial rubber material, does not produce any pain stimulation on the chin!

Whether during sleep, or leisure time doing housework, at any time create a charming little face!



When in use, please be careful nails, so as not to scratch the fabric.

When feels tight, please note that the appropriate adjustment.

After gradually adapt to the growth in use of time.



1) permeability, skin feel comfortable.

2) low rebound material, feel comfortable, gentle sustained pressure, the effective reach of small color effect.

3) facing side of the scalp, to improve the strength, anti-slip and the use of natural rubber.


Product effect:

Face forming belt, in his sleep from the scalp began to play a supporting role to enhance the three-dimensional face. Accordance with the overall principles of physics, so that no loose skin, muscle position is memorized, so that the face has been in the best condition for the young target. Coupled with special design and use of anti-skid natural rubber in the hair part, tighter close. And currently generally little face molded products, compared with, this product is realized so far not start from the scalp to enhance the three-dimensional face of new products, there is an instant scratch up the feeling after wearing Zhang cited, the entire face muscles There was promoted realism.


Please note:

Do not use while sleeping! Do not use in the bath! Please adjust the tightness, not only for the effects of the tightness of the adjustment too tight! !



1) Recommend for 20-40 minutes each time, if facial discomfort, as the case off the mask.

2) Recommend washing with warm water below 40 degrees, do not use any bleach whitening by Yan agent, do not close the high temperature and sharp objects, hand wash best.

3) Do not cover the use of the site when there is a wound, children, pregnant women, heart disease, hypertension and a skin disease who do not use.

4) Please place without direct sunlight to save this thing.

5) When dry, do not twist, dry naturally appropriate 

1 x pcs Face Tool